Friday, 31 January 2014

Hero Ride

As a self confessed cycloholic (is that a word?) I had a dream assignment this week at the Manchester Velodrome. I was asked to photograph the launch of Hero Ride on behalf of Help for Heroes. Centre stage were Jon-Allan Butterworth, triple silver medalist at London 2012 Paralympics and Afghanistan war veteran Nathan Cumberland along with other members of Team GB cycling squad.

Why not join the ride. If you fancy Manchester to London it's only 230 miles! You've got 5 days though...

Jon-Allan in action
 And again, I know it's blurred but he was motoring. It's now art!
Is that banking steep...
  Nathan and Jon-Allan next to statue of another cycling legend Reg Harris.
Yes, they train behind a motorbike
And a real treat, Jason Kenny, triple olympic gold medalist and double world champion at full bore in training. Can he move!

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