Monday 24 January 2011

Cuba Revisited

I'd love to go back to Cuba, it's a wonderful characterful place teeming with life and old American gas guzzler cars. The next best thing was going through my photos again. I've been updating my commercial website with some personal work. Here's a selection of those which made the cut:

Picture of the Week - Carlisle Cathedral

Every so often you work at a venue to die for, which you know will produce a striking image. I was asked to photograph a wedding at Carlisle Cathedral and knew I just had to include its stunning 14th century painted ceiling. I've made this principally an architectural shot, but there are splashes of human colour in the choir's green cassocks and, far away, the bride's white dress. It's critical that this type of photo is symmetrical so I made sure I placed my tripod exactly at the centre axis of this beautiful building.

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Picture of the Week - Corkscrew

Less is often more in product photography, so sometimes I like to hint at a subject rather than show all of it. I lit the rim of this corkscrew to accentuate its interesting shape and leave the viewer questioning what it is. And I reflected it as well, to give the image an extra dimension.