Sunday 25 March 2012


Have you ever noticed whilst you watch the news that a barrage of flash guns go off every time a politician lifts their hands? Simply it makes for a better photo and gives a hint of their character. Whenever I photograph an event I am constantly watching my subject and waiting for that moment. Here's some of my handy work...

Friday 16 March 2012

Picture of the Week - Lighting the way

Keeping your eyes open will pay dividends because people do the daftest things. So I screeched to a halt when I saw this old-fashioned signpost beautifully adorned with a period lampshade. I wanted to create an appropriately retro image so I gave it a black and white treatment. I wonder if it was the bulb-shaped moulding at the top of the signpost that inspired the anonymous prankster. Perhaps they'll add a switch next time: I'll keep my eyes open.