Friday 23 April 2010

Picture of the Week - Speed

Occasionally circumstances beyond your control come together to help you create a strong image. It was so windy near these chevrons that I could barely stand, so all my photos were blurred, accidentally but perfectly enhancing the effect of speed I wanted to capture. Two cars approaching each other on the road at just the right moment gave the image the extra element which it needed. The slight fog softened the lights and I tilted my camera to exaggerate the cornering effect. It was worth being buffeted by the wind because I sold the picture through my stock library.

Sunday 11 April 2010

Picture of the Week - Prague

I took this on a toy camera called a Holga. Its cheap plastic lens softens the image and distorts the edges. It uses film (wonderful) and is prone to light leaks, hence the slight magenta discolouration at the edges. I love this unpredictability that can bring an extra dimension to a photo. You don’t know quite what you’ve caught until the film is developed. This is the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn in Prague and the treatment perfectly suits the muted colours of this scene.

Sunday 4 April 2010

Picture of the Week - Evening Glow

It's a great time to take photos once the sun has set but there is still light in the sky. I took this picture of Thira in Santorini just as it was coming to life for the evening and it’s a mix of natural and artificial light. The stepped buildings lead your eye up to the church with its splash of green. The white walls of the buildings glow with a soft warm magenta that's reflected from the muted colours remaining in the sky.